Saturday, January 17, 2009

"The Shortest Post"

I am just now trying to learn how to do this stuff. Most of our time has been spent on the house, and nobody will teach me anything. Oh, pooor, poor me!!!!!
I just wanted to mention a couple of other things.

First, Brian worked with Verlee and the boys to put the new floor in the dining room. It is really beautiful. We kind of feel like we did something naughty to have all this nice stuff.

Also, after everything was installed, Ryan came the next week and put up the white beadboard, and some ot the trim. There is still some trim to do and we are looking forward to his creative ideas to top off the project.

We are very grateful for our children and their spouses, their talents,and their willingness to share them in behalf of others.


We are finally getting back to this, so here are some pieces of info and pictures, in no particular order.

Grandpa Ralph is in a nursing home in Nampa. Everyone probably knows that already.

Jeremy and Verlee and their family were here for a few days over the New Year beginning. What a wonderful thing they accomplished for us while they were here, even thought Jeremy spent one full day with a painful lower stomach something-or-other, that put him down all day long. If you know him at all, you will know that he does that very seldom. But his sweet wife and their two boys pitched in and kept things going in his absence. We are so very grateful for their work in our behalf.

We now have a new kitchen, thanks to them, and a generous donation from Connie. Here is what it looks like.

Complete with new Pergo laminate flooring, Gayle only had to wait alomst 39 years for this.There is a cabinet on the other side of the fridge and the water cooler

We are just learning how to post pictures, etc., so will post this and put more in later.