Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here are some shots of our pretty flowers.
Those bricks are from downtown Caldwell,
from the old Idaho Dept. Store
Gayle's "spilled" whiskey barrel

A side view of the front of the house.

Just thougt some of you might want to see a
before and after of one corner of the trailer.
A slight improvement, don't you think?

And heeeerrrss Ashlyn!!


Verlee said...

wow. great before and after photos! It looks awesome.

Lacy King said...

I love the flowers! The before and after photos are great :) Way to e crafty!

Connie said...

Gayle, how in the world are you? I'm so glad you've been camping and visiting in Washington. I think you went to Washington. Am I right? Your flowers are just gorgeous. I'm so jealous as it's too hot for anything here except cacti - not pretty.

I miss you sweet sis!