Sunday, August 23, 2009

We went on another trip yersterday, to the same place, and wound up in the same spot. It was really nice. These are a few pics of last week and this week.
On the way via highway 20-26Grampa enjoying the bedroom
This is the dining room
This is the wrong picture, but a good one anyway This is a night shot, getting ready to go to bed. Cozy!!
The light inside is a gas light. Cozy!!
The sandbar at Banks is finally sticking up out of the water.
That's gramma out in the water a ways.
Found one of the original hubcaps. But don't know where the other one is.
Hey Jeremy - remember these? I thought they were gone, but found them
in the weeds by the garage. Quite unique, huh?
We are having fun with this project. Hope to be able to get it in really
nice condition, and use it for lots of trips.
Hooray for the '55 Terry Trailer. (we need to name it something - any ideas?)


Verlee said...

I thought we had named it Betsy way back when

Verlee said...

this is Jeremy. I wrote the last comment too but meant "Ol' Betsy"

Lacy King said...

I think you should call it 55